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21 Sep

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The African Oystercatcher is a large, noisy wader, with completely black plumage, red legs and a strong broad red bill. The sexes are similar in appearance, however, females are larger and have a slightly longer beak than males. Juveniles have soft grey plumage and do not express the characteristic red legs and beak until after they fledged. The call is a distinctive loud piping, very similar to Eurasian oystercatchers. As the Eurasian oystercatcher is a migratory species they only occur as a vagrant in southern Africa, and its black-and-white plumage makes confusion impossible.

The Oystercatcher Trail is a world acclaimed hiking experience, and offers both. It was rated by National Geographic Traveller as ” One of the Top 50 tours of a life time” for 2007 . The BBC classes it as one of “30 Unforgettable hikes to do before you die”, and GETAWAY Magazine rated it as one of the top 5 South African hikes. The aim is to ensure that hikers/runners enjoy every step and learn much about our fragile and beautiful environment.The Oystercatcher Trail is renowned for its eco and cultural educational value.

Mitochondrial DNA research has shown that all humans alive today descend from a small population that lived between 150,000 and 200,000 years ago. Archaeological research has shown that at least some of those people lived in Mossel Bay…

You will run through the Pinnacle Point area- the place that’s revealed the earliest evidence for modern human behaviour.

Only 200 athletes

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Photos by Chris Hitchcock
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Photos by Chris Hitchcock
Day 1
Day 2
Video by Chris Hitchcock


2015 (Click on the link to see the photos/videos):

Oyster Catcher Trail Run

Photos by Mark Sampson


2014 (Click on the link to see the photos/videos) :

Photos by Em Gatland

2013 (Click on the link to see the photos/videos) :

Photos by Mark Sampson

2012 (Click on the link to see the photos/videos) :

Photos Jeff Ayliffe

Video Clip by Trail Busters


September 21 @ 8:00 am
September 23 @ 1:00 pm
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