We came to Port St Johns that day
A strange and diverse bunch
We’re introduced one to the next
And departed after lunch

First thing we saw were vultures proud
That soared on thermals high
Descended down to our first camp
With sand and sea nearby

The Pondo Drifter starts right there
But first, my friends, you eat
The victuals that John has brought
While Sharon cooks a treat

Next day you rise and eat again
You would not want to fade
Admiring all along the way
The beauty nature made

We started up a mighty hill
Then grassy single track
With views forever up and down
And coastline front to back

With lovely streams and rocky paths
And Milo* running free
I had the thought there’s no place else
That I would rather be

And so we made our way down south
Up hills, down bushy vales
While out upon the azure sea
Breached mighty humpback whales

Lupitano camp we reached at last
With Top Hat rocks nearby
That took the mighty rolling surf
And foamed it to the sky

Day two was special, pure delight
Off track to sandstone caves
A river plunged straight down the cliff
Into the crashing waves
So further on the way we run
Till Mabazu** bade us stop
And showed us one of nature’s works
Awesome Cathedral Rock

With all the wondrous beauty round
I felt myself unwind
From my shoulders fell life’s cares
I left them far behind

A waterfall, so I am told
That falls into the sea
Is rare, so a second one, in just one day
A doubled rarity

Manteku camp, a welcome rest
Where all was calm and still
Recharged the soul and made us strong
To take us up the hill

For day three is a shorter day
But easy it was not
The hill you climb before you end
Will use up what you’ve got

Ntafufu waits across the beach
But the end you’ve not quite made
Your socks and shoes you must remove
And through the river wade

Day four is filled with bittersweet
You don’t want this to end
But before it does, one more surprise
Around a hidden bend

It’s scary there, it looks so steep
You’re standing up on top
You climb with care down rocky stairs
To avoid the sudden drop

But then at last, across the beach
Cool road and you are done
Thank you Trisport, Drifters too
For the Pondo Drifter Run.
* Milo – The Jack Russel who ran the whole 80kms.
** Mabazu – The Drifter guide who showed us the way.

By Chris Lee

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