It is with great pleasure that we give feedback on the past 3-day-Outeniqua trial arranged by Tri-sport 17-19 Feb 2017.

Firstly, we would like to congratulate Hanno and Sonja together with their team for a well organised most enjoyable, very tough J tour, through one of the most beautiful scenery and mountains in our country.

As brothers this meant a lot to us in terms of enjoying life and suffering to the point of almost break-down, together for 3 days non-stop. Many world crisis were solved on this trip while pedalling our lungs and legs out and up.

Accommodation arranged were superb to say the least. De Zeekoe is top notch and of the best any cycler or visitor for that matter, can wish for, thank you very much.

We would definitely consider a re-run of this tour, maybe go for the 5-day tour which will put less strain on the, not so fit legs. The alternative however, is to train harder and longer in advance, this is not a tour for the faint hearted.

A special thank you goes to Janine for all the pre-arrangements and feeding of the troops every night. Jeandre, your contribution as Mechanic could not be replaced by anyone but your swift and accurate solving of, not such small, breakdowns occurring during the course of such a challenging tour. You are a star and we would insist on your attendance of our next tour J.

Sonja you get accolades for the best babysitter on tour, while the babies are swimming at each possible puddle of water along the route. Next time we will endeavour to raise a flag at each swim hole, just to let you relax, thank you for that concern.

Overall this was a challenging most enjoyable ride for which anyone should train and prepare properly to obtain the most fun instead of suffering a slow tour. J J J

Paul and Killian du Toit

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