Richersveld – Land of the Half-mens

Namaqua2Richtersveld MTB Tour

Located in the Northern Cape and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the area is characterized by dramatic mountain ranges, deep gorges, and arid desert plains while being renowned for its rich biodiversity and unique plant life.  This harsh and unpredictable land where water is scarce, life-sustaining moisture mostly comes in the form of morning fog which rolls in from the cold Atlantic Ocean and occasional thunderstorms.

With summer temperatures as high as 53°C, most visitors prefer to visit the area during the winter when temperatures are much milder, but this is also the time when sandstorms occur driven by cold gale-force winds, but the land gets transformed into magnificent displays of colour during spring by daisies and vygies. This is when the Namaqua to Richterveld MTB Tour takes place to explore and connect not only with nature but also with yourself while going places on two wheels not visited by “normal” people. 

A staggering assortment of plant life can be found here, guarded by the unique half-mens dotted along the landscape along with the ever-present quiver trees and aloes.

This is also the land inhabited by the indigeneous Nama people who has still practice their traditional nomadic lifestyle and culture.  Small antelope, mountain zebra and of course the ever-present leopard and baboon make up most of the animal life along with a diverse collection of reptile species birds, especially during rainier seasons.

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