By improving your cycling techniques, you can make the most of mountain biking, enjoying the trails and tours by being on your bike. Doors to the mountain biking world will start to open and lead you to making many great experiences. There are plenty of challenging and educational circuits in the surroundings of George / Glentana, where someone from the TriSport team will guide you and take you on some of the beautiful tracks around.

Whether you’re a FUN rider or want to become more competitive in your age group, we will help you with your technique.

Mountain biking is one of our passions- lets make it one of your too!

A mountain bike clinic can take between 3 to 5 hours (20 to 35 kilometers), or it can be a full day depending on the condition, skill and the goals of the participants. Siska vd Bijl (Elite Cross Country Rider) and Hano our Mountain Bike Specialists and will share their knowledge with you.

Please contact Hano for your booking and enquiries on or 082 445 2365.

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