Reunion Excursions

7 Day/6 Night Hike Exursion

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Prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking beauty of Reunion, a true paradise for hiking enthusiasts. This tropical haven boasts majestic volcanic mountains that beckon adventurers from far and wide. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey as we explore the very best hiking routes of Reunion alongside a knowledgeable and certified guide.

La Reunion, a picturesque French-speaking island nestled in the Indian Ocean between Mauritius and Madagascar, is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Born from volcanic activity millions of years ago, this enchanting island is home to the awe-inspiring Piton des Neiges, the highest summit that once gave birth to La Reunion itself. Today, it showcases three magnificent calderas, known as cirques, formed by the collapse of ancient volcanoes.

With their towering peaks, dramatic ridges, and lush valleys, these cirques offer unparalleled hiking opportunities that attract adventurers from across the globe. One of the most renowned is Mafate, a legendary refuge for those seeking freedom from slavery. Accessible only by foot, this hidden gem remains a testament to the resilience and determination of those who sought sanctuary amidst the inner mountains.

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey through Reunion’s untamed landscapes, where every step unveils a new marvel. Let us guide you through this extraordinary destination, where nature’s wonders await at every turn.

Scuba Tour

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Dive into the enchanting world of Reunion Island, where crystal-clear, warm waters beckon adventure seekers to explore a marine paradise like no other. Delve into the depths of the Reunion Island Natural Marine Reserve, established in 2007.

Embark on a scuba journey that promises not only vibrant coral reefs but also encounters with an array of marine wonders. Picture yourself surrounded by schools of brilliantly hued fish, playful dolphins, and majestic turtles gracefully navigating the underwater realm. 

The western coast of Reunion Island unveils a captivating underwater landscape, featuring towering walls, intricate coral gardens, mysterious caves, and even the haunting allure of shipwrecks. The best part? These extraordinary dive sites are just a short 5-20 minute boat ride away, offering convenient access to a world of underwater marvels. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a beginner, the relatively easy dives make this destination a must-visit for anyone seeking an unforgettable aquatic adventure.

Scuba and Adventure Excursion

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An ultimate adventure at Reunion Island, a thrill-seeker’s paradise! Join Trisport to explore the majestic peaks, challenging ridges, and breathtaking valleys, enticing adventurers worldwide to conquer its magnificent hiking trails. Dive into the crystal-clear, warm waters teeming with vibrant marine life and shipwrecks, making Reunion Island a premier destination for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Elevate your experience by combining underwater exploration with extra days filled with adrenaline-pumping activities. Navigate through volcanic mountains, conquer canyons, and brave the rapids with exhilarating rafting adventures. For the daring souls, take on optional activities like an awe-inspiring hour-long helicopter ride, soaring over the island’s captivating landscapes and even an active volcano.

Push your limits further by summiting the highest peak in the Indian Ocean, the awe-inspiring Piton des Neiges (optional at 3070 m). Reunion Island beckons you to a world where every moment is a thrilling escapade, offering an unparalleled fusion of nature’s wonders and heart-pounding adventures!

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