Wildside Pondoland Transkei Adventures


WildSide Adventure: 4 nights, 5 days

An Adventure you will not forget: Hiking, Paddling, Swimming, Ocean Safari in the Wildcoast, Transkei

Hike along the beautiful trails of Pondoland in the Wild coast, paddle up the rivers, see the cliffs a from the sea, do an Ocean safari and have the chance to swim with the dolphins, all in just 4 days.

Info and Cost


Every Wednesday to Sunday from September onwards. Contact Sonja on Sonja@trisport.co.za for available dates

Cost: R7200 pp sharing, R9200 single


 DAY 1:

 You arrive at Spotted Grunter Resort in time to start our first hike at 11am which will take us to popular viewing points in and around Port st Johns. This hike is approximately 6km. We conclude the hike with cocktails and snacks at the local airstrip, taking in the magnificent views of the local town, Umzimvubu mouth which carves its way through the Gates of Port st Johns, to the Indian Ocean. We transit you back to Spotted Grunter Resort for a 3 course dinner followed by drinks in the pub. We sleep either at Spotted Grunter Resort (https://www.facebook.com/spottedgrunter/) or Linga Futhi Beach Cottages (https://www.facebook.com/Linga-Futhi-Beach-Cottages-112343637140724/), both establishments can be viewed on their respective Facebook pages.

 DAY 2:

 After a buffet breakfast, we board a Superduck and head out of the Umzimvubu River mouth for an Ocean Viewing Trip. All we take with us is a small backpack to carry our lunch packs, water and necessities such as sun tan lotion, zambuk, snacks. We head for Waterfall Bluff, engaging with dolphins, whales and other sea life along the way. We beach the boat at Manteku where we disembark and begin our hike to Ntafufu, approximately 8km. Should we not be able to launch due to sea or weather conditions, we will transit to Manteku by road. There will most certainly be a suitable gap during the 4 days where we will fit the Ocean Viewing Trip in, obviously, your comfort and safety are vitally important. We are met at Ntafufu with cocktails and snacks and after a well-earned rest, have another 3 course seafood dinner, caught fresh by members of the local Ntafufu community. We sleep at Beach Camp@Ntafufu, (https://www.facebook.com/beachcampatntafufu/) which is also on Facebook.

 DAY 3:

 We rise early for a canoe paddle up the Ntafufu estuary for a quick coffee. We return for a buffet breakfast and head off on our hike which takes us through the natural forest of Ntafufu, a bird watchers paradise. You are welcome to bring a small fishing along to try your luck at hooking one of the plentiful fish the estuary has to offer, while the rest of us picnic on the bank. This hike is between 8 and 10km and we end up back at BeachCamp@Ntafufu for another rest, then a hearty 3 course dinner, prepared by our local chef.

 DAY 4:

 We leave Ntafufu and head back towards Port st Johns. We visit a cave and popular fishing spot ‘Poenskop’ along the way. This hike is 12 km long and we end up at Linga Futhi Beach Cottages where we will stay for the night after our last 3 course dinner.

 DAY 5:

After breakfast, we say our goodbyes and your start your journey back home.

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