Above the clouds – Soaring Eagle Mountain Run

Above the Clouds – Soaring Eagle Mountain Run

It’s almost that time of the year where all roads lead to the AfriSki in Lesotho for the annual Soaring Eagle Mountain run on the 18th and 19th of October. For a trail run that doesn’t have coastal views or damp forest underfoot, this is one very unique experience comparable to very few others. Hosted by the famous resort of AfriSki, just coming out of winter it is great time of the year where the landscape is alive rejoicing in the changing season having survived another treacherously cold winter.

Runners will be greeted by never ending views of the surrounding Maloti Mountains. The trails will take you to altitudes of 2000 to 3300 where the eyes will be mesmerized by mountain vistas. That is the up side but the lungs will be challenged at such an altitude, however a little walk will just give you more time to enjoy the unique experience. Crystal clear streams, roaming shepherds and the opportunity of spotting the endangered Lammergeyer are just a few things to lookout for along the way.

Bearing in mind the challenge of the terrain race organizers offer a number of options to cater for all levels of fitness. Runners can choose one of the two days with distances of 32 km on the first, and 16km on the second day. For the hardened runners out there, with a good level of fitness, tackling both days and completing the entire 48 km is the final option.

Comfortable and warm accommodation at AfriSki Resort will complete the experience as well as add to it with the various activities on offer. Meal times will be spent at Sky, the highest restaurant in Southern Africa with great food to look forward to after a long day out. Africa’s ‘Kingdom in the Sky’ looks forward to your arrival in October, remember to pack for all weather options!

For more information on the event, email admin@trisport.co.za or go to www.trisport.co.za

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